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  • Cyber School of On-line Learning

The on-going focus at is the CSOL (Cyber School of On-line Learning). Here people can participate in specific pattern-making lessons. These lessons are intended for Recreational Fashion Designers™ aka home sewers, who wish to learn more about: • Elements of Fashion • Principles of Design • Personal Patternmaking A list of topics, times and formats will be available by approximately January 15. If you are a RecFasDes and would like to receive more information (with no obligation) please sign up here.

  • Version 5 Computer Program Discontinued

As a result of changes in computer technology, the CADTERNS Computer Program is no longer compatible with new Windows operating systems. In November 2010, CADTERNS made the reluctant decision to discontinue distribution of the computer program.

  • New Discussion Group at Yahoo

A discussion group for CADTERNS users has been set up at   It was set up and will be moderated by Cera Maugey of Toronto  Congratulations and thanks to Cera for not only having the idea but for acting upon it.  This will be an interesting place to share notes, inspirations, ideas and general networking with other student and recreational fashion designers.  Hats off to Cera and full speed ahead!

To celebrate this development, there is a special discount for anyone who places an order from the new message board. For details, go to and see the message entitled "Special Discount for Discussion Participants".

  • Computer-Assisted Patternmaking for Recreational Designers

If you enjoy sewing for recreational or entrepreneurial purposes, this is the perfect opportunity to add personal patternmaking to your range of skills and services. Using purchased patterns, you have already been applying colour and texture, balance and proportion, plus other elements and principles of design.  This course can direct you toward new heights of creative satisfaction and marketable services.

Learn how simple patternmaking really is! Use your own personal Ready-to-Style™ slopers available from class to develop you own Signature wardrobe.  Start collecting pictures and illustrations for your Style File now, then join us to learn how to turn pictures into patterns.

Watch for the listing in the Spring 2001 catalogue of Continuing Education courses on the Richmond campus of Kwantlen University College.

(Enrolment is limited)

  • Project-(or Story)-of-the-Year Contest Winner - WWCouture

The CADTERNS board of Directors is pleased to announce the Winner of our challenge for the "Best Project &-or Story of the Year for Year 2000".  This may be the first but will undoubted no be the last that we hear of Veluz and Renato Reyes. They will receive a dedicated, signed and witnessed certificate of achievement bearing the special CADTERNS seal to hang in their workplace. They will also be the business presented as a model for small business and people with special occasion needs "meeting" on the world-wide Web to experience the thrill of long distance personal fashion. We also hope to hear more from them about Piña, the special pineapple cloth fabric available in their little corner of the world.

Click here for a photograph of the wedding dress

If you've ever planned a wedding you've probably experienced some long distance complications. Picture this:

  • The bride is an American Navy Officer stationed in Japan.

  • Her Maid of Honour is in Chicago.

  • Her mother in Reno.

  • Her bridesmaid is in LA.

  • The bride wants to use very special fabrics cut to fit personal measurements, but is unable to attend any fittings with the designer.

  • All of the gowns must have matching shoes, accessories and other details.

  • Everything must be shipped to Las Vegas.

Doesn't this sound like the start of a good script for a movie or stage play?  Well, this isn't fiction, it's happening!

Designer Veluz Reyes, who designed and made her first wedding ensemble at age 16, brought this very scenario to life. The two key factors in making it possible were:

  • Conducting all communication via e-mail
  • Using CADTERNS personal patternmaking system.

Veluz at this point is a Clothing Technologist, having studied at the University of the Philippines. Along with her small company of six employees and several special detail contractors, she begins the challenge of fulfilling this bride's dream. At the computer, Veluz gathers measurements and other information by e-mail.

The process begins by calculating CADTERNS slopers for each of the women needing gowns. They can get slopers using only 4 measurements, but for the bride on this special day, they will take several more.

After several weeks along with much inspiration and perspiration, the imagineering pays off. Think of it - the bride's gown is made of elegant duchess satin, the bridesmaids' gowns are an iridescent taffeta, and the mother of the bride's dress is organza cut in strips and hand-woven into a
thatch.  They look stunning!

Upon receiving the gowns, the bride was thrilled! All of the gowns and details were wonderful. Guest comments regarding the gowns were all praises and admiration, many asking where the gowns had been made. Who'd have guessed.?

"We have made other bridal and entourage gowns for overseas clients" says her husband and business manager Renato Reyes. "It would not have been possible without CADTERNS software and personal patternmaking system."

Veluz and Renato Reyes look forward to working with other overseas clients.

CADTERNS looks forward to facilitating more World Wide Couture.

  • CADTERNS Seeks Beta Tests

CADTERNS is looking for current users who would like to participate as beta testers for the new development of custom grading.  This will add an exciting new dimension to personal patternmaking, particularly for entrepreneurial use.

Custom grading will be developed and tested in
CADTERNS Pro, starting with Womenswear.   For more information, please leave your name and contact information at  In the Other box, enter Beta Test.  You will be contacted with information specific to Beta Testing.

If you currently use Lite, this a great time to upgrade. The current special is for the upgrade from (Womenswear) Lite to Pro Combo.  This upgrade adds the Menswear City Set of more tailored styles and the ability to work entirely at the computer using the combination of
CADTERNS and a CAD program.







  • Neukam, J. and Sauer, J., "Pattern-Drafting Software", Threads Magazine, April/May 2003.

    "Is it fit, or is it fashion? Or a little of both?" The authors check out eight programs, and provide the following comments on CADTERNS :

    CADTERNS Lite drafts custom-fit slopers, which can be used as the basis for hand drafting custom designs

    Purchasing specs * Windows 95 or higher* Order CD by phone or e-mail * Can. $199 Also available: CADTERNS Pro: Can. $599 (exports dxf files to AutoCAD or AutoSketch for extensive drafting)

    Instructions * 73-pp. Manual * Cyber School on-line learning, and discussion groups * support by e-mail and on-line.

    Features * 4 to 12 measurements * 3 default ease choices that may be edited * Saves measurement sets * Satisfaction guarantee * Free downloadable updates

    Test Observations * For a classically proportioned figure CADTERNS Lite drafts a sloper using only 4 personal measurements, but it will draft for a more difficult-to-fit figure with additional measurements. In minutes you can print out a sloper. By choosing among and editing the 3 ease settings, you can draft a pattern with anywhere from a very loose to a very snug fit.

    Bottom Line This simple sloper program, marketed primarily to schools, impressed us with its fit (right on for all body types), and even more so by how easy it was to use.

    Online extra You’ll find more comments from our testers at along with an explanation of how to choose the correct amount of ease in each program ...

  • Hemming Away Newsletter, Issue 33, March 2000

CADTERNS TO THE RESCUE...maybe (you too can) turn your wedding gown panic into bridal bliss with computer (personal) patternmaking"

  • Wohlers, Terry T., "AutoCAD at Work - Get me (and My Wedding Dress) to the Church on Time", Applying AutoCAD - A Step-by-Step Approach, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1996.

"When the customer asks for changes, the sloper can be redone almost effortlessly … with CADTERNS and AutoCAD, customer satisfaction goes up and re-design problems go down."

  • Bij de-Vaate, Jannette, "Creating a Mini Wardrobe from Your Custom Slopers", Sew What's New – The Canadian Sewing and Craft Quarterly, D & L Publishing, Summer 1994.

"… an excellent starting point for the novice patternmaker."

  • Vonde, Dee Anne S., "Computer-Assisted Drafting – An Interview with Lauraline Gbnick", Journal of Home Economics Education, Home Economics Council of The Alberta Teachers' Association, Feb. 1993.

"Custom slopers for any female figure ranging from 4'1" to 6'8" with bust and hip measurements ranging from 20" to 60" are individually calculated in seconds!"

  • Jaquish, Barb, "CADTERNS Puts the Byte into Styling", Journal of Home Economics Education, Home Economics Council of The Alberta Teachers' Association, Feb. 1993.

" Anyone who can style by hand can use this program. It's that simple and very user friendly."

"I don't believe it. Even I can do this and I know nothing about computers!"

"Simple commands. Simple directions. Useable in the classroom."  

  • Henderson, Bill, et al, "CADTERNS – some first impressions of the software", View, Published by the British Columbia Technology Education Association, Spring 1992.

"With CADTERNS slopers plus a CAD system, flat pattern design at the computer becomes a reality." " … an excellent example of a parametric design software package."

"The program will have great appeal to the increasing numbers of females joining the technology education programs."

"… very well documented"

"This is a great opportunity to integrate your CAD program with the textile courses."

"It might be the software that will open your doors to a different group of students and teachers, and further enhance your technology education program."   

  • Gbnick, Lauraline M., "Computer Generated Custom Slopers Using AutoCAD and CADTERNS ", ACPTC Association of College Professors of Textiles and Clothing Special Publication Number 2: Computer Applications in Textiles and Clothing, Edited by Nancy J. Rabolt SFSU, 1990.



  • Laura Corbet, Recreational Fashion Designer, 2010 :

    “The Anatomy of a dart Viewlet was extremely clear and of great help to me in visualizing how darts can be moved around a bulge point (dart point)”.   

  • Mary Boni, Kwantlen College, Vancouver, BC.:

"My class thought that the software is very cool in terms of how it can quickly create a made-to-measure block, which for them is the hardest part of pattern making."  

  • Julie Ireland, Francis Clare Sewing:

Thank you for your interest.  I am delighted with the CADTERNS software.  I use it to make slopers for my dressmaking clients.  I have saved hours and hours already!  I haven't run into any situations where I ask myself "can't it do this?"  I just love it.  Should I think of any points that you may find of interest, I will be sure to let you know.  Please keep me informed with any future updates or new stuff!

  • Jackie Renton:

I really enjoy my dressmaking, which has now become far more interesting since the CADTERNS program has helped me attain a more accurate fit. The CADTERNS program is the very thing that I have been seeking for a few years now.

  • THREADS Magazine Editors, Judith Neukam and Jennifer Sauer in the April/May 2003 edition of "Threads Magazine"

    Page 43: "…Interestingly, we found no correlation between the number of measurements required and the success of the fit…"

    Page 46 "…This simple sloper program, marketed primarily to schools, impressed us with its fit (right on for all body types), and even more so by how easy it was to use."

    On-line Extra:     -    Take It from Us

  • Jennifer Sauer: "Originally I thought CADTERNS was just for educational institutions and wouldn’t really compare to other software packages that were more complex. But I really changed my tune. CADTERNS is a great little program that’s so simple to use – just enter a few measurements and you’re done."

  • Judith Neukam:  "I was very impressed with the fit CADTERNS produced. It was ‘right on’ for every body type we tested

  • Cera Maugey, Toronto, Ontario:

"My name is Cera Maugey.  I like my own style, but could never find "my style" in stores and clothing shops.   After years of being frustrated and annoyed that I have to wear what was out there, I thought to myself, "What if I tried making my own clothes…" and the journey began.

I started sewing from patterns initially.  Once again there was nothing in my style, so I did some investigation.  I found a patternmaking service in eastern Canada who were good, but as soon as I began sending them pictures to draft from, they began charging very high prices.  I then finally decided to learn how to draft patterns for myself.

I found a well-known and highly recommended pattern-drafting program and used that for a while.  Soon I realized that it wasn’t for me.  It was truly for the home sewer who wanted to simply enter her measurements for a selection of their built-in styles.  The program drafts a personal pattern for the style selected then the user cuts and sews.

There was still something missing, something that I couldn’t define.  Finally I discovered CADTERNS , and here is just what I needed - pattern drafting for serious designers.

Presently, I draft patterns from 1930’s styles and designs (I love this period of style).  I use CADTERNS slopers and have been very successful with fit and design.  I am also a machine knitter and sometimes co-ordinate my sewing and knitting projects.

My eventual goal is to design Indian style garments, my traditional dress.  I would like to take our very traditional styles and fabric and perhaps mix and match them with Western fabrics, but keeping to traditional lines and silhouettes.

CADTERNS is a great program for the serious drafter or home sewer who wants to go beyond and expand their capabilities.  I would really like to see CADTERNS become a very successful software that is widely used. I am happy to be using and supporting this program."

  • Sharon Patterson:

"... terrific!  I already know flat patternmaking and draping, what this will do is take my skills to another level."

  • Lauren's Mom:

    "Love your program. Just for kicks I entered measurements for my (very tiny) 10 year old and ... was totally floored!!! ...couldn't ask for a better pair of fitting pants. Thank you very much!!!!"

  • Sandra Blumenfeld, Sewing Express:

    "I design clothing for a large catalog and this year I had the pleasure of using your slopers as the basis of my designs, and for the first time very little if any changes were needed for fit!" 

  • Fred Wyatt, "Wyatt House", Cody, Wyoming:

"After having recently purchased my CADTERNS program, I find that I can't get along without it."

  • P. Day, Entrepreneur:

    "I had so much fun with the trial version last night. ... it seems possible to do ...  EVERYTHING I need!"

  • Summer workshop at L.B. Pearson High School, Calgary, Alberta:

"It's about time that someone developed a program like this.  I've been looking for something like this for years."

"I love it"

  • Beverley Knox, Leather and Lace, White Rock, British Columbia:

I can see now it's really saving me money...   It's available so immediately.  It's so easy to use."

  • Bill Henderson and Students, Yale Secondary School:

"CADTERNS is an excellent example of a parametric design software package.  The users enter their own measurements, from which a full size flat pattern can be plotted out.  The software has a skirt, pant, bodice and sheath sloper available.  The program will have great appeal to the increasing numbers of females joining the technology education programs...  CADTERNS is a software package you and your textile specialist should take a closer look at!"

  • Catherine Clark-Marlow:

"We've been printing patterns like mad.   Our first projects have been completed by students and their comments are only positive.  Basically, they are very impressed with the fit they are able to achieve!"


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