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March 1, 2009

White Rock, BC, Canada. 


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Academy Awards, Marilyn Munroe & SuzyQ


After the 81st Academy Awards, CADTERNS – a (very) small electronic cottage industry in White Rock, BC feels a proud connection.  As we see each year, nominated actresses are “costumed” in exclusive Oscar-evening gowns provided by celebrated designers. 

A notable “Fashion Statement” that repeated a couple of times on the red carpet and pointed out by commentators was the “fish-tail” silhouette.  It could have been taken from the “Previous Oscars” showing of Marilyn Munroe’s 1957 award-winning “The Prince and the Show Girl”.     

The very same style designed by Gbnick and illustrated by Jannette Maedel appears on the new, sophisticated virtual model SuzyQ at   The gown illustration hangs proudly on the wall of one of the CADTERNS home offices.

Gbnick spent early design years working in the wonderful, mad world of live theatre in Calgary, Alberta as a wardrobe mistress and costume designer.  She always made a special event of these red-carpet runway galas with sketch book in hand; ready to record inspirations.


“This year it felt like I was actually there” says Gbnick excitedly, watching SuzyQ’s gown reappear time and time again, always with a new little twist.  “I don’t costume or sew any more but I do teach others how to make their own personal patterns… like this one.”


And, in the true spirit of being there, she adds, “I’d like to thank:

  • Paul Lowe who designed and programmed CADTERNS personal patternmaking software, the fitted personal slopers (patternmaking templates), the logo and the Website, without any of which there would be no CADTERNS ;

  • Janice Lowe, the recordkeeping director who has spent years tolerating the hours and hours Paul has spent on CADTERNS when he is so accomplished and, as a recently honoured Fellow of his Engineering peers, capable of so much grander accomplishments;

  • Marilyn Legard, a director available at the most awkward times and places, ready to take on a wide variety of multi-miscellaneous tasks that have ranged from sales to proof-reading publications, to displays for various “show-and-tell” events both here and away;

  • Jannette Maedel who pulled together many projects in a single charcoal sketch giving us a new, sophisticated grown up and beautiful SuzyQ in her “Oscar Gown”;

  • All of our loyal customers, who use their personal slopers to design, cut and sew their own personal creations.  Educational, Entrepreneurial and Recreational Fashion Designers, you’ve shown us possibilities beyond our expectations.;

  • And last, but not least, thank you to Steve Samson, the accomplished Vancouver tailor who is willing to test his innovative win-win-win strategies to take CADTERNS Menswear to new heights by teaching his craft to a new breed of home-based digital tailors;

  • Of course, I would not leave out my wonderful, beautiful children, Bill and Kammi who are themselves, through Baracuda Productions and “Covet” keeping the family legacy alive and growing.  


(For the record, CADTERNS operates as an “electronic cottage industry” as predicted by futurist author Alvin Toffler in his 1980 publication Third Wave ISBN 0-553-14431-6, page 10.) `

For more information about CADTERNS or the CSOL (Cyber School of On-line Learning) be sure to visit or contact .




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