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CADTERNS Custom Clothing Inc. is a leader in the development and application of software to facilitate Computer-Assisted Patternmaking of personal apparel patterns.   Since 1986, CADTERNS has created highly specialized software, tutorials and publications for educational, entrepreneurial and recreational markets.  These products have revolutionized the process of custom pattern design, particularly in high schools which, until recently, relied entirely on manual methods of pattern design.


CADTERNS consists of a small group of dedicated professionals from varied backgrounds, working from satellite home offices.  The following describes the background and experience of CADTERNS ' key people:


Lauraline Grosenick, Basic Author
  • Lauraline M. Grosenick

    President and co-founder Lauraline Grosenick (née Sharkey) graduated from the University of Alberta in Edmonton earning a B.Ed. with a major in Home Economics and a minor in Art. Following a year of teaching on an isolated Indian Reserve in Northern Alberta, Lauraline conducted Adult Education courses for more than 20 years on many aspects of clothing construction, design and patternmaking.

    Free lancing in theatre, Lauraline costumed many amateur and professional groups from small, local dinner theatre companies to large, main stage Opera with international artists.  During this time, Lauraline designed an exclusive line of childrenswear under the "Growin' Ups" label and managed the production of them through cottage industry manufacturing by home sewers.

    CADTERNS provides the umbrella under which these rich and varied experiences interact and enable others to experience similar creative satisfactions.
  • Paul A.R. Lowe, Ph.D.

    Vice-President, Software Development, Paul Lowe graduated from McGill University in civil engineering.  As an Athlone Fellow, he then attended the University of London where he earned his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in structural engineering.  His doctoral thesis was on the subject of limit states design of composite bridges.   While this subject may seem somewhat unrelated to fashion design, the innovative techniques that were developed to solve large arrays of simultaneous non-linear differential equations were to form the basis of the algorithms used in the
    CADTERNS software.

    Paul's professional career has centred on the concrete products industry, where he has had the opportunity to work with a multitude of computer programs and languages.  Of particular relevance, has been his experience with the production of shop drawings for precast and prestressed concrete elements.  On major projects requiring a large number of similar yet different drawings, parametric methods have been developed to dramatically improve drafting productivity.  This parametric concept is the backbone of the
    CADTERNS concept.


  • Janice M. Lowe, BA

    Secretary Treasurer, Janice Lowe graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in geography from the University of Manitoba.  Janice has enjoyed a varied career, starting as a professional librarian in London and then Winnipeg.  She has also served as the office manager for a plumbing contractor in British Columbia.  In addition, Janice has had a keen interest in home sewing in which she has created a wide range of clothing for both children and adults.

    Janice has had experience in a number of different computer programs, including those used for the
    CADTERNS customer/order database and accounting systems.


  • Marilyn Legard

Director, Marilyn Legard, studied Home Economics at the University of British Columbia, majoring in teaching and design.  She earned a Bachelor of Education degree in l983. She taught mainly in the community - clothing construction, needlework, interior design, and cookery.  In the last ten years, she has been employed in the educational software field.  From an early age she had a strong interest in clothing fashion and design; sewing was learned at her grandmother’s knee.  Being with CADTERNS has provided Marilyn the satisfying experience of using both fashion design and computer skills.


  • Cheryl Couch

Menswear Developer, Cheryl Couch graduated from Kwantlen College with a Diploma in Fashion Design and a Certificate of Fine Arts. Spending many years in the fashion industry, Cheryl has held positions ranging from retail sales to production tasks, from stores with national outlets to designer private label manufacturer.

Cheryl began with
CADTERNS shortly after graduation. For the past ten years, her involvement with CADTERNS has grown from manual illustration to computer illustration to Menswear sloper development. In addition to these specific tasks, Cheryl has participated in many functions from general business to classroom and conference presentations.


  • TheSloperLady
    • TheSloperLady (TSL) is the virtual persona of Lauraline (Sharkey) Grosenick, a sewing/patternmaking composite of:
      • A Home Sewer who learned how to sew before learning how to write.
      • A former student of Clothing & Textiles, finishing with B.Ed. from U of Alberta, Edmonton (Major: Household Economics, Minor: Art)
      • A Teacher
        • Isolated Indian Reserve in northern Canada, where women & children made beautiful beaded jackets, moccasins and mukluks from moose hide, without any thought of using patterns (and where she learned more than she taught).
        • Children (now adults) starting @ 3 and 4 years old, before they thought that using a sewing machine -might be difficult
        • Adult Ed – approximately 25 years covering topics from sewing techniques to digital, personal patternmaking
        • Teacher Tutorials preparing teachers for Computer-Assisted Patternmaking (occasional 1991 – 2000)
        • CADTERNS Cyber School of On-line Learning ((CSOL) 2005 - ongoing)
      • A Theatre Costumer – Calgary, AB (1975 - 1980)
        • From small dinner theatre productions to main stage opera with International cast & crew.
        • Designing and making or sub-contracting costumes for characters from amateurs to professionals.
        • Costume designer and wardrobe mistress for TV Movie: “ One-way Ticket”
      • A Home-based Business Entrepreneur
        • Knit Knacks (Sewing with knitted fabric) – when knits became available to home sewers (1972-1974)
        • Growin’Ups – Designed & manufactured children’s’ wear using cottage industry system, training and subcontracting home sewers to manufacture clothes adaptable to growing sizes (1975 – 1980)
        • CADTERNS – A Partnership based on development and application of a computer program for creating personal slopers to use for personal patternmaking (1985 – ongoing)
          • An electronic cottage industry with partners working from independent home offices
          • CADTERNS CSOL – Cyber School of On-line Learning for Recreational Fashion Designers
          • CADTERNS Publications - condensed patternmaking publications for learning and teaching how to metamorphose personal slopers into personal patterns
      • A Believer in the future and the empowerment of self-fulfillment.
        • If you would care to discuss any of these topics further, I would be happy to make a telephone appointment with you for a mutually convenient time. This would be easier and more effective than email. I would very willingly share 5 minutes with you, after which the fee is $1 per minute. Please leave your request at

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