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  • Anatomy of a Dart

    • The Anatomy of a Dart slide show dissects a fitting dart to examine the individual components.  Learn how each element contributes to the shape of a pattern that will enable flat fabric to fit the shape of a personal figure.   Understanding darts will help you to control them when styling new personal patterns.  Click on Anatomy of a Dart to run this informative CADTERNS viewlet - it will run automatically.  Please be patient while the viewlet loads.

  • How to Create a Sloper Viewlet

  • Maximising Benefits of Lite

  • Measurements

  • Ready-to-Style Slopers

    • A publication that explains Personal Starter Sets, Personal City Sets, Personal Pattern Libraries and Sloper Generations

    • Purchase the publication CADTERNS 102 Ready-to-Style Slopers

  • Ease

  • Crash Course
    • A publication that deals with two of the many aspects of fashion - design and patternmaking.
    • Purchase the publication CADTERNS 105 A Crash Course
  • Dart Art 1M - Arranging Darts Manually

  • Dart Art 2M - Disguising Darts Manually

  • Complete 100 Room Package

    Note:  All publications are in PDF format which can be opened with either the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or full Acrobat version 6 or later.  Click on this button to obtain a free Acrobat Reader: 

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