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Dart Law



There are two kinds of darts:

  1. Fitting darts and

  2. Decorative darts.

Fitting darts can be rearranged and fitting darts can be disguised, but fitting darts must NOT be eliminated or ignored.

You can rearrange fitting darts by:

  • Rotating them from one seam line to another,

  • Combining smaller darts into larger ones or

  • Dividing larger darts into smaller ones.

You can disguise fitting darts as:

  • Tucks,

  • Gathers,

  • Seamlines,

  • Flare or

  • Fullness.

Decorative darts are very narrow and can be placed anywhere since they are simply embellishment and do not affect the fit of a garment.

Some Patternmaking Rules of Thimble

  • Fit slopers to unique, personal figures before using them to create new patterns or to alter others.

  • Adjust sloper drawings with corresponding fitting preferences.

  • Patterns styled or altered with fitted slopers fit as well as the sloper.

  • Slopers without finishing details are basic patternmaking blocks.

  • Add functional finishing details such as seam allowances, facings and hems to turn slopers into patterns for wardrobe classics.


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