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bullet CADTERNS Glossary of Terms

Download the publication CADTERNS Glossary of Terms

bullet CADTERNS Classroom Couture Collection 2003 - Dressforms

Greetings, and welcome to the collection of documents and drawings for Classroom Couture 2003. The theme of this collection is dressforms and it focuses on using a quarter-scale sloper as a quarter-scale dressform.

Teachers and students will find making and using dressforms both functional and fun.

To introduce students to
CADTERNS' unique way of applying a Fit-FIRST system of personal patternmaking, do show or invite them to watch the Fit-FIRST viewlet

A brief description of each of the documents, most of which are a single page, follows:

      0. Full Publication (616KB)  All of the following 9 parts in one publication.

  1. Invitation to Classroom Couture 2003 (42KB)  Introduction to patternmaking with a new generation of paper dolls.

  2. Did You Know? (30KB)  A value-added resource is already in every CADTERNS program.

  3. Personal Sloper Morphwheel (91KB)  See how to make a personal sloper - maximum of graphics, minimum of words.

  4. CADTERNS Dressform Screen Prints and Other Details (306KB)  Review these screen prints and details to facilitate the process of making dressforms.

  5. Personal Dressform Morphwheel (37KB)  How to metamorphose a personal sheath sloper into a personal dressform.

  6. Mini-Me Sequence - 1/4 Scale Dressforms (107KB)  Use this precise series of steps to create a quarter-scale pattern (just the facts).

  7. Mini-Me Dressform Worksheet (13KB)  A page of instructions for students to follow for a personal scale dressform.

  8. Dressform Over and Under Lines (19KB)   Lines of the dressform are identified to assist in assembly.

  9. Personal Dressforms - Other Scales, Other Uses (51KB)  Consider a variety of uses for dressforms in any of several scales.



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